Chess Masters is Australia's only professional and qualified Chess coaching business. Chess Masters was started in 1992 when Irina Berezina-Feldman and Vladimir Feldman arrived in Australia from the Ukraine. Irina and Vladimir are both International Chess Masters and professionally educated Chess coaches.

Chess Masters provides the following services:
    Private and group coaching for all age groups and levels Coaching and organisation of School Chess programs

       Regular coaching and tournaments at the Easts Chess Club.

Have a look at our Chess Club for both junior and adults! Coaching, tournaments, prizes and more, the Easts Chess Club has been providing top quality Chess coaching and competitions for over a decade.

If you are interested in private coaching, group coaching, school classes or the Easts Chess Club please call (02) 93009259 or email: For all other information please see our relevant information pages!

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chess masters

Since niether Adult nor Junior Chess Clubs are operational at the moment, we are offering one-on-one lessons only.


The lessons can be conducted online or in-person.


For more information please call Valdimir - 0414798503 or Irina - 0415593192